Comm-Tech IT Services

How we can help your business

In a time when security is more important to businesses than ever, we provide a range of services to help safeguard your company against both online and offline threats. Security and productivity come hand in hand, and we have everything you need to get your company in great shape.

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IT support

Looking after your business

We can help you put the necessary systems in place to keep IT downtime to a minimum, and get you back up and running quickly and efficiently if any issues arise.

There’s a misconception among many business owners that cybercriminals only target major corporations, but in reality, small companies are their bread and butter. We provide ongoing cybersecurity and cloud backup services for your peace of mind.

Broadband and telephony

Keeping you connected

With more and more companies adopting a flexible approach and having employees working from home all across the country, excellent communication is paramount. We can provide and install reliable, excellent value broadband and telephony packages to suit modern, forward-thinking businesses.


Protecting your business

Though cybercrime gets the headlines, it remains as important as ever to keep your physical premises secure. Look no further than Comm-Tech IT for cutting-edge CCTV devices that will deter intruders and alert you of any suspicious activity.

Refurbished equipment

Wiping your data for recycling

Why pay top price for brand new IT equipment? We offer good-as-new refurbished devices at a fraction of the cost, keeping well-functioning electrical items out of landfill.

If you’d like to learn more about these services, or anything else we may be able to offer, feel free to contact us today!